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Carer and child comments

Comments from parents about their children's first visit to the nursery:


"She was very excited about her new nursery. She enjoyed the playground, sand and water boat. Happy to see her enjoying the new nursery."


"Mum is nervous about leaving him alone at the nursery for the first time!"


"He seemed very confident and enjoyed his hour at the nursery."


"Happy he went off and played."


"She seemed to settle in well. I expect she will spend a lot of time outdoors!"


"He was super excited about our stay and play. There was so much for him to see and do he didn't know where to start!"


"Happy he went off and played."


"He loved playing with the dinosaurs and couldn't wait to go back and see them again."


"He had a lovely time, including playing with the water, bikes and looking at rabbit."


"He loved coming into the nursery. He enjoyed sandpit the most and arranging the animals into a zoo."


"He loves playing outside, playdough, singing and dancing , water play and puzzles."


"He really enjoyed himself at his first session. He was happy to meet Wiggles too."


"She loved all the different things to do especially the climbing frame, trains and playdough."


"Nursery looks great. Such a lovely place. Can't wait for him to start."


"He seemed really happy on his settling in session. When it was home time he wanted to stay."


"She was happy and I missed her."


"She really enjoyed exploring the nursery environment. She is looking forward to come again."


"We felt very welcome, comfortable and excited for him to start."


"He loved everything he saw but spent most of his time outdoors on the climbing equipment and in the sandpit."


"He really enjoyed his visit and can't wait to come again!"


"She is very happy to start but I'm not sure if she understands that we won't be there and that will be a long day for her. Hope she will be fine."


Comments from children about their first visit to the nursery:


"I loved playdough and the climbing frame both inside and out."


"I played with the sandpit, scooter, bike, climbing frame, drawing, cooking making cakes and I will see a rabbit next time. My favourite was drawing."


"I liked the trains the best and the scooter."


"I love the animals. I want to go to the yellow school."


"I like the kitchen. I like the water table."


"I liked playing in the yellow car."


"I liked playing with the cars and outside on the climbing frame."


"I liked playing in the blue car."


Comments from parents and carers of children who attended in July 2016:


"The staff are friendly and attuned to the children's needs."


"I cannot thank the nursery enough. Nothing is too much for them. My daughter settled amazingly and was allowed a fantastic transition period. All the staff are fantastic and approachable. They all know the children and their individual personalities so well. I honestly cannot fault the nursery and look forward to the next academic year."


"We love this nursery - thank you so much."


"The nursery is so lovely. My son really enjoys going and has progressed so much this year both socially and academically. It has been amazing to watch his confidence grow, all thanks to the nursery. The staff are fantastic, friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend this setting to anyone."


"We loved attending the nursery and will be sad to say goodbye - keep up all your hard work!"