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The nursery follows a child-led approach to teaching. Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and our staff members support them in this. We have created an enabling and stimulating environment to enable us to do this. We do not plan ahead, rather we remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and learn. We observe the children carefully and enhance their learning by teaching them in their chosen activity.


Over the next few weeks, in addition to the usual activities that the children can choose, they will also have the opportunity to: 


take part in a practice fire evacuation. 


The children have been talking about the fires and fireworks that they have seen recently. As a result of this they will all have the opportunity to go to the woods and learn about fire safety and drink hot chocolate.


If you would like any further information about any of the activities we enjoy at nursery, please look at our planning board or ask a member of staff.