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Spring 1 Newsletter

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Autumn 3 Newsletter

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Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Welcome back to the new school year.
Our new Year 1 and Year 2 children have settled into their new classes brilliantly! 
The new entrants are already developing their independence and are coming into school confidently.
Well done!
I apologise in advance for the length of this newsletter. 
Please take time to read it all as there is a lot of important information for you.

We are delighted to welcome Miss Ruby Taylor (YR), Miss Coral Wheeler (Y1) and Miss Kate Bussey (Y2) to our school.

We have appointed Mrs Katie Tubb to work on Thursdays and Fridays from the Spring Term when Mrs Harper will be Acting Headteacher following my retirement at the end of this term.
Ms Rhi Davies will be taking a sabbatical and Mrs Tammy Kirkham will be covering her absence. As a result of these changes we have had to reorganise staffing for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) non-contact time for half a day a week as follows from the week beginning 29.9.14 Autumn Term:

Mrs Bussey’s class taught by Mrs Sarah Burley

Miss Jones/Mrs Harper’s class taught by Mrs Katie Tubb

Mrs Boxall’s class taught by Mrs Katie Tubb

Mrs Kemescei’s class taught by Mrs Maddie Tomkins

Mrs Southall’s class taught by Mrs Maddie Tomkins

Miss Wheeler’s class taught by Mrs Ann-Marie Beasley

Miss Taylor’s class taught by Mrs Ann-Marie Beasley

Miss Hyde’s class taught by Mrs Helen Marshall

Each year schools have five In-service training days (INSET).
In order to ensure that we are prepared for the changes and timescales the Government has set we will have two INSET days this term on 23rd and 24th October. School will be open for children as usual on 5th January to begin the Spring Term.

The introduction of Universal Free School Meals has added an interesting challenge to the beginning of term and it has made lunch times pretty hectic for us all! 
As the children get used to the new routine things are running more smoothly.
Many thanks to those of you who have worked hard over the holiday to teach your children how to use a 
knife and fork. 
We have had several enquiries regarding the Hot Meals and Mrs Allcock has put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers; we hope you find it useful:

FAQs on Hot Meals
1. Can my child bring in a packed lunch in case he doesn’t like the hot meal?
No this is not possible, it has to be either/or.

2. Is there a choice of food which the children can have?
No, you will see on the menu that there are two meals listed, the one marked with a (V) is for vegetarians only. 

3. Do I have to order the meals?
No, all the hot meals are ordered by the school office.

4. Do I need to advise the school office if my child does not want hot meals?
Yes, this is to avoid wastage.

5. How do I go about letting the school office know when my child doesn’t want a hot meal?
You can email the and include your child’s name, class, and the dates you don’t want them to have a hot meal, or you can come to the school office.

6. What happens if my child is on a school trip?
Every child will receive a packed lunch on the day of the trip.

7. What happens if my child has a special diet?
You will need to contact Chartwells to discuss this on tel; 01243 836130.

8. If my child has an allergy how does the teacher and those serving the food know?
Every teacher and the lead mid-day meals supervisor have a list of all children with allergies. Children are given a coloured sash to wear which informs the servers.
Green sash = vegetarians, red sash = allergies, yellow sash = dietary meal.

9. What drink does my child have with their lunch?
There is a choice of milk or water.

The Government is providing money to schools to help children from lower income families do their very best. 
You can register your child for PPG if you get any of these benefits:

Income Support
Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Support under Part V1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
The guarantee element of State pension Credit
Child Tax Credit, provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (assessed by HM Revenue and Customs) that does not exceed £16,190
Working Tax Credit ‘run-on’ – payment someone may receive for a further four weeks after you stop qualifying for working Tax Credit.

For every child registered school receives £1300 (to be increased to £1900) in our annual budget. We are able to use some of this money offer your child additional benefits including free school trips.

If you believe your child is eligible for this funding please ask for a form from the School Office.

This is a very busy term with lots to look forward to and many opportunities to help you to be involved and informed.
Wednesday 24th September               YR Parents’ Maths workshop in the hall 9.15-9.45
Wednesday 1st October                      YR Parents’ Literacy workshop in the hall 9.15-9.45

You are invited to come along to the hall to find out more about our approach to phonics, reading, writing and maths and how you can best support your children’s learning. Please do try to come along.

Wednesday 8th October                     Y1 Parents’ Back to School talk in the Studio 2.00
Thursday 9th October                        Y2 Parents’ Back to School talk in the Studio 2.00

Year 1 and Year 2 parents are invited to come along to the studio to find out more about the learning that your children will be enjoying this year and how you can best support them. I will give a short presentation about the year ahead and then your child’s teacher will talk to you in the classroom.
Please do try to come along.

We now have a link to JOLLY PHONICS songs and sounds that you will find helpful when supporting your child’s developing knowledge of the sounds letters make. 

The Department for Education is most interested in the views of parents and you can access this questionnaire, PARENT VIEW, via the following link.

This term consultation with the class teacher is by appointment.
Tuesday 21st October 10 minute appointments from 5.00 to 7.00
Thursday 22nd October 10 minute appointments from 3.30-5.30

Mrs Ayres will be available on Wednesday 21st October

Lists to sign up for an appointment will be displayed in year group cloakrooms from Monday 6th October
If it is impossible for you to sign up in person, due to work commitments, please call the School Office.

There will not be a crèche for consultation evenings. Please make your own child care arrangements.

We will continue to offer you the opportunity to join us for Celebration Assembly on the Thursday that we celebrate your child’s birthday. YR assembly will be in the hall at 9.00 and Y1 and Y2 assembly in the hall 
10.30-10.50. There is no expectation that you will come but you will be most welcome. 
We celebrate birthdays from the Monday to Sunday each week.

This year we will be celebrating Harvest in our assemblies. The Lighthouse Project who have been leading occasional assemblies in school for some years now and Mrs Boxall have links with the Easter Team who support many of the neediest people in our town. 
At this time of year we would like to help by collecting food to share with them.
Please would you help us by contributing one tin of food (vegetables, fish, meat, fruit etc) that we will display during the week beginning Monday 29thSeptember. 
They would also appreciate sweets, boxes of biscuits etc to share at Christmas.
Our Harvest Assembly, for children only, will be led by Canon Anthony Ball on Friday 3rd October.

The Department for Education has reviewed school attendance and are making changes:
From September 2012 schools must submit absence data that includes pupils who are four on 31st August before the start of the academic year.
New regulations address the misconception that parents are entitled to holidays in term time.
Parents will still be able to request leave of absence but it will be made clear that this should be granted at the headteacher’s discretion and only in exceptional circumstances.
When making a request parents must detail the exceptional circumstance.
Unauthorised holiday in term time will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) being served by the Local Authority

Penalty notices and prosecution
If paid within 21 days of receiving the FPN £60 per parent per child, after which it goes up to £120 per parent per child to be paid within 7 days. If payment is not made to the authority within the 28 days the Authority is required to commence prosecution in the Magistrates Court for poor school attendance. If proven this could result in a fine of up to £1000 per parent per child and/or a parenting order or a community service order.

We are very proud of our curriculum. We strive to enrich children’s experiences by inviting a variety of visitors and theatre groups to support learning. This is very expensive and unfortunately our school budget doesn’t stretch far enough to pay for all of these events. Therefore we ask parents to donate a contribution of £10 per year to enable us to continue to provide an exciting curriculum full of first hand experiences.

Please complete the reply slip at the end of this newsletter and return along with your contribution in an envelope to the School Office or your child’s class teacher.
Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

A few reminders……

School clothing:
Please make sure everything is named – it’s almost impossible to reunite unnamed clothing with owners!
Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school EVERY day. It is essential that children are dressed appropriately for the activity. 
Long hair must be tied back for school; not only for safety but also to impede the spread of headlice!
Children may not wear any jewellery for PE activities and earrings should be removed on PE days unless recently pierced and then they may be covered with tape for the first six weeks. Please provide your own tape.

Traverse Walls and Activity Trail
The traverse walls, activity trail and tyre park are not to be used before or after school at all. Please support us in keeping your children safe. Thank you.

We are pleased to see our scooter parks are so well used; may I remind you that at the infant school children may not cycle.
Children must push their scooters to and from the scooter park at the beginning and end of the day to avoid accidents.

Dogs must not be brought onto the school site.

Details of our Christmas preparations will follow in the next newsletter.

Friends Latest Newsletter

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Summer 2 Newsletter

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I can hardly believe that the final half term of this academic year and at last the sun is becoming a more familiar
feature of the weather! Please ensure that your children have a sun hat, have sun screen applied and a water bottle.

The transition programme for Year 2 preparing to move on to Maidenbower Junior School has been planned and the children will have opportunities to visit their new school to become familiar with the building and to meet the staff; they will also be spending time with the Brook children who will be attending the junior school to get to know each other and make new friends.

This is an opportunity for you and your child to celebrate the work they have done this year. There will be no crèche. Your child’s annual report will be coming home on Friday 11th July. Our reports are very detailed and therefore you may not need to discuss anything further. However teachers will be available should you need a quick chat.
Please return your report comments when you come to Open Evening or by Friday 18th July at the latest. Please note that the evening finishes at 7 p.m. so please arrive in good time to look through the work.
Thank you.

You will be informed of your child’s classteacher for September 2014 with the annual report; please take the opportunity to pop in and introduce yourself during Open Evening.

The Early Years Foundation Stage team will share your child’s annual report with you during consultation and you will have the opportunity to look through your child’s Learning Journal. You may then take the report home and return the completed comment section to school by Friday 18th July at the latest.
Lists to sign up for a consultation appointment will be displayed outside the Blue Unit from Monday 23rd June.

This week is e-safety week and we are teaching the children how to keep safe on the internet and linking this concept with Stranger Danger.
Please ask your children what they have learned about keeping themselves safe when using their electronic devices.

If your child will be in Year 1 or Year 2 in September 2014 please return your form if you do not ever want your child to have a free hot school meal. The local authority needs this information urgently.
Thank you.

Towards the end of each academic year we evaluate our practice and value your opinions and suggestions.
Please collect a questionnaire, that Governors ask you to complete as part of our school review, from the school office. Please return by Friday 20th June at the latest. Thank you.

You can also use this link Parent View which allows you to share your views of the school.

This term much of our PE is outdoor athletics in preparation for Sports Morning. Please ensure that your child
has a PE kit in school every day and that they have a pair of plimsolls or lightweight trainers that fit.
Thank you.

Sports Morning Friday 27th June 9.30 start
Our sports morning will be a little bit different this year. The children will take part in 6 different athletics events such as running, jumping, throwing and they will move around a circuit. You will be able to follow your child/children as they move around each of these events. The middle of the circuit will be available for parents to sit and watch.
The children will be working as a class and will earn points for each event. At the end of the Sport day a class from each year group will be announced as winners.

MIDSUMMER MADNESS 27th June 4pm – 7pm
A reminder that the Friends of Maidenbower Infant School are busy organising this amazing event.
Please come along and have some family fun!

Our children have benefitted from a range of activities this year that we have funded from the Government’s new initiative. Year 2 have enjoyed swimming lessons, Year 1 have had a great workout with Kicks dance and everyone has had the opportunity to increase activity through playground games led by a Play Leader.
Please see Primary Sports Grant for further details and to read our children’s responses to these new activities.

COCO’S FOUNDATION - Colours of South Africa
Due to your generosity we have almost raised enough money to complete a child led house for the orphans in South Africa that are supported by Coco’s Foundation. Ursula Woods, one of our parents, travelled to the village help.
Her diary is displayed in our library.
We are working with Pound Hill Infant School and The Brook School to raise some more money this term by holding a Colours of South Africa Day on Thursday 17th July.
In return for a donation we would love the children to come to school dressed in red, green, yellow, black and white. They could come dressed in one or all of the colours or a combination – entirely up to you!

Any lost property that has not been claimed by this Friday will go into the Clothes4Clothes bin to be recycled so that Coco’s foundation can buy school uniforms and new shoes to enable the children to go to school.

Diary date reminders
YR Summer Concert                Friday 4th July 9.30
Y1 Celebration of Learning       Friday 11th July 9.30
Y2 Celebration of Learning       Tuesday 15th July 2.00
Y2 Leavers’ disco                     Friday 18th July 4-5.30

Friends Summer 2 Newsletter

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Summer 1 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Summer Term!

Last half term celebrations!

Our dancers had a wonderful experience being part of this West Sussex Schools celebration of dance. We opened the show and couldn’t be more proud of our children who were among the youngest performers. We were SO proud.
A huge well done to Miss Jones and Mrs Burley’s class who again had the friendliest feet last half term.
I think it’s time they had some competition……………so come on everyone let’s get walking on Fridays if you usually travel by car.
Many thanks to the Friends of Maidenbower Infant School and Nursery for organising a super Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of last term. The children had great fun!

The children have been enjoying some new experiences thanks to this funding.

Half of the Year 2 children have completed their swimming lessons and the others will go this term. They have loved this experience. I went to watch their final session and was so proud of each child’s progress whether this was overcoming a fear and becoming confident in the water or becoming a super swimmer.
Well done everyone!

You may have heard about Tom, our playleader from WSCC, who has been working us to make playtimes active and purposeful. The children have already learned lots of new games – Stuck in the Mud is a real favourite!

KICKS DANCE (or disco PE as I’ve heard it called!)
Year 1 children are having a great time following instructions, copying actions and showing off their talents to music. Their fitness MUST also be improving as each session is an hour of activity!

With reference to the letter I sent last academic year may I remind you that amendments have been made to the 2006 regulations removing references to family holidays and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days. The amendments make clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Headteachers should determine the number of school days a pupil can be away from school if the leave is granted. 

Therefore only unavoidable exceptional circumstances for a leave of absence from learning may now be considered by the Headteacher; this will seldom cover a holiday in term time.  It is anticipated that such situations will be rare and thus they must clearly illustrate why the request is considered unavoidable and exceptional and can only be undertaken during term time.

On Department for Education advice, any unauthorised holidays of five consecutive days or more will lead to the issuing of a fixed penalty notice. Currently the Regulations provide that the amount of penalty to be paid is £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days of receipt of the notice and £120 per parent per child if paid within 28 days. If payment is not made the matter proceeds to court.

These amendments came into force on 1st September 2013.

I’m sure that many of you have already noticed that Mrs Waters is expecting her first baby which is wonderful news.
Miss Hudson will be leaving us at the end of this term to take up a teaching post in Holland. I’m sure you join us in wishing both teachers the very best of luck!

We will be interviewing this term and I will let you know the names of the successful candidates as soon as possible.

SPORTS DAY – Friday 27th June
This year Sports Day will be different!
The event will be held in the morning (hopefully cooler than the afternoon) and will be a ‘carousel’ of activities. We will let you know the details nearer the time.

PE Lessons
Many PE lessons will be outdoors this term and therefore it is essential that the children have plimsolls or lightweight trainers in school EVERY day along with their PE kits. We still have several children relying on spare school kits – please ensure your child has their own PE kit in school every day as well. 
Thank you.

Spring 2 Newsletter

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Congratulations to Miss Jones and Mrs Burley’s class who had the most children using sustainable travel to school during the first half of the Spring term.
We support Car Free Fridays and National Walk to School week particularly to ease congestion on Harvest Road. Therefore if it is impossible for you to leave the car at home on these days we ask that you park legally away from Harvest Road and suggest using the car park at Maidenbower Playing Fields or Frogshole Farm pub; and ‘stride’ from there. 

Thank you to all of you who park sensibly and safely.
May I remind you that there is no parking available to parents and carers on the school site. Please do not park in the Children and Family Centre car park or on the drive beyond the ‘hedgehog’ crossing. There have been some near misses when children have been using the crossing. Please help us to keep the children safe.
Many thanks for supporting the School Councillors’ request to push scooters to and from the scooter park. The playground feels much calmer (and safer) at the beginning and end of the day. The School Councillors are very pleased with themselves and are proud that through discussion and action they can make a difference for the better to school life.

We work closely with Brighton University to support Initial Teacher Training. We currently have students in Mrs Boxall’s class and Mrs Waters’ class. The students are well supported by the teaching team in each year group, a school based mentor and a tutor from the university. We wish them every success.
Unfortunately it’s that time of year when headline are becoming a problem! If you notice any lice or eggs in your child’s hair please treat immediately and inform the school office. 
I hope you all received the leaflet on Friday. 
Once you have informed the office staff we will then send a note to the class or year group concerned in the anticipation that you will all check and treat the family if necessary.
The grey eggs are unhatched, the white ones are shells and have hatched!

You may be aware that the Coalition Government has made funding available to schools for Years 1 and 2 to improve the provision of Physical Education and sport in primary schools. So far we have used the funding to provide a swimming course at K2 for all Year 2 children. We are now in a position to provide ‘Kicks Dance’ for all Year 1 children on Friday afternoons in school. The content will be slightly different from the after school club. 
The sessions will begin on Friday 21st March 2014, please see dates below:

Miss Jones and Mrs Burley’s class 21st Mar,  4th Apr,  25th Apr  and  2nd May

Mrs Waters’ class 16th May,  23rd May,  6th Jun  and  13th Jun

Mrs Kemecsei’s class         20th Jun,  4th Jul  and  11th Jul

**The children must have their PE kits in school**

Sports relief is happening on Friday 21st March this year.
To get into the spirit of it the children are welcome to wear sports clothing to school.
As we are focusing on raising funds for The Cocos Foundation ‘Build4TheFuture’ project we are not asking 
for donations for Sports Relief.

Diary Dates
Friday 14th March Dance Time at the Hawth
Monday 24th March Class photos
Tuesday    22nd April   INSET day. School closed for children

Friends’ Events
Friday       21st March        Quiz Night
Friday       4th  April           Easter egg hunt for all children during the school day

We're taking part in Waste Week...why don't you?

We are the Eco team and we are taking part in Waste Week as part of our Eco Schools work. We are trying to reduce the amount of waste produced by our school that goes to landfill sites. We want to reduce, reuse or recycle as much of our rubbish as possible.

During the month of March we will be running a ‘Lunchtime Crunchtime’ campaign. This is to raise awareness of how much lunchtime rubbish goes into landfill bins and hopefully to reduce this.

We need your help!!

Can you help us reduce our waste and help us achieve our Waste Watch certificate by…
Bringing lunch in a reusable lunch bag or box
Packing sandwiches in foil or a sandwich box
Putting crisps, biscuits, cake, cheese, fruit in small Tupperware or reusable plastic pots
Bringing a drink in a reusable drinks bottle
Cutting down on the amount of pre-packed and individually wrapped items
Packing food your child likes and of an amount they will be able to finish
We want to aim for ‘zero waste’ lunchboxes!

Perhaps together you would like to investigate how much waste you produce at home.

How much do you throw away?
Do you compost organic waste?
Do you recycle everything that the council will take away in your red top bin?
Do you know what can be recycled and what has to go to landfill?
What do you do with clothes, toys or household items you no longer want?
Can you get creative and think of ways to reuse some of the things you would normally throw away? 

Together we want to take care of our precious planet by following the 3Rs…

                                          Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Thank you for helping,

The Eco Team   

P.S Visit for more information and fun things to do.

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