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Beata Kemecsei-Horvath

My name is Beata Kemecsei-Horvath and I have been working in Maidenbower Infants since 2012. I have started here as a supply teacher on a long-term contract, then had a part time position and finally, in September 2013 I became a full-time member of the school.


I have been a year group leader for the past 8 years, first in year 1, then in year 2. Since January 2022 I have been leading KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2).

I joined the Governing Body as an associate governor in September 2022. 


My passion is Physical Education; I grew up in Hungary, playing handball for 15 years, where this was, and still is, a very popular sport. Not so much here, so my family has swapped it for squash - and, my daughter is smashing it with great national and international results. 

Over the past years I have been trying to pass my passion of sport on to all children attending MIS and I shall continue to do so.

When not at work, I often have my head buried in a book.