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Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health support

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

at Maidenbower Infant School


At Maidenbower Infant School, we are committed to promoting positive mental health for all pupils.  In addition to promoting positive mental health, we aim to recognise and respond to mental ill health. By implementing practical, relevant, and effective mental health procedures we can promote an emotionally and physically safe environment for pupils affected both directly and indirectly by mental ill health, thereby ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for every pupil.

Mental Health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual recognises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stress of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her own community (World Health Organisation; WHO 2014)

Schools have an important role to play in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their pupils. We will ensure we are fulfilling our statutory duty to ‘promote children’s welfare and prevent concerns from escalating’ and ‘preventing the impairment of children’s mental health and physical health or development’ (Keeping Children Safe in Education; Sept 2023).

Our Aims

  • Promote positive mental health for all pupils
  • Develop resilience amongst pupils and raise awareness of resilience through a whole school approach
  • Increase understanding and awareness of common mental health issues so that staff and pupils can take quick and effective action
  • Create an awareness of how to take a graduated response to mental health issues


If you have any worries or concerns for your child's emotional wellbeing or mental health please speak with your child's class teacher or contact us via the school office.

Below are some helpful tips, videos, websites and resources to support parents/carers, families and children.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities


All staff have a responsibility to promote positive mental health.  All staff must look out for early warning signs of mental health problems and ensure that pupils with mental health needs are provided with the support they need.  When appropriate, all staff are expected to make referrals to key members of staff who have the following specific roles:

  • Senior Mental Health Lead/PSHE Lead/SENCO: Mrs Rachel Tomlinson
  • Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding: Mrs Laura Roberts
  • Designated governor for mental health: Mrs Elaine Jenkins


The school has an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), Play Therapist and a well-being team of staff who work closely with the Senior Mental Health Lead and designated Governor.

Resources and Websites to support you and your child:



YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds



Children's mental health - Every Mind Matters - NHS (

The West Sussex Single Point of Access (SPoA) is a dedicated service which provides a simplified single route to access specialist emotional wellbeing and mental health support. The SPoA helps direct you to the right service, eliminating the need to refer to multiple services.

Getting Support - e-wellbeing




Support for parents | NSPCC




Parenting Smart (Place2Be)

The children's mental health charity, Place2Be, has a website aimed at helping parents with typical situations they can find themselves in with their children.

Advice can be found on over forty topics including:

  • Understanding sibling rivalry?
  • My child is lying, what does it mean, what should I do?
  • My child has trouble going to sleep
  • My child says ‘I hate you!’
  • Cultural identity: who am I?


Place2Be: Parenting Smart: Articles


West Sussex Mind | Parenting support



Click her for the webinars - West Sussex Mind | Webinars for parents and carers


Home - My Family Coach

Support for parents and families in West Sussex


Parents can self-refer to the Integrated Front Door for Early Help or Enabling Families support or advice.

Support for parents and families - West Sussex County Council

Making a Referral - West Sussex SCP


School Nursing Team and Health visiting Team Parentlines.


West Sussex


West Sussex Health Visitor Parentline (For parents/carers of children aged 0-5): Text 07312 277163. You can use this anonymous text service at any time and we will return your message within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm, except for bank holidays and weekends. This service is for advice and support only, please do not message to arrange or amend appointments.


Chat Health West Sussex: Text 07480 635424. You can text us at any time and we will return your call within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm, except for bank holidays and weekends.


Parentline West Sussex (for parents/carers of children and young people aged 5-19): Text 07312 277011. You can text us at any time and we will return your call within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 9am-4.30pm, except for bank holidays and weekends.


West Sussex Educational Psychology Service


West Sussex Educational Psychology Service is offering the opportunity for parents to speak with an Educational Psychologist about a child or young person.

Educational Psychologists are professionals concerned with the development, learning and social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people. Calls can be requested where there is a question or concern about learning or behaviour as well as worries about wellbeing and emotions.

Educational Psychology Telephone Consultation Service (


Parenting Support  Videos produced by Thought-Full West Sussex


Building Resilience

Parenting Anxiety in primary-aged children: Session 5 (


Emotion Coaching

Parenting Anxiety in Primary aged children: session 4 (


CAHMs Workshops for Parents

Please find below a link to a series of short CAMHS webinars for parents, covering ADHD, ASC, Anxiety, Eating disorders, Self harm/ Suicidal ideation and sleep.

Workshops for parents and carers :: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (


Advice and support for bereavement 


Please talk to your child's class teacher if you or your child needs support after bereavement or loss.



Home - Jigsaw South East


Home - Cruse Bereavement Support


Coping with bereavement | Family Lives


Winston's Wish - giving hope to grieving children (


Childhood Bereavement Network


Get help with grief after bereavement or loss - NHS (

Book Recommendations 


Grounding Techniques

Grounding techniques are simple tools for children to manage emotions, especially during stress or anxiety. They direct a child's focus from overwhelming feelings to their current sensory experiences. Choosing and practising a variety of grounding techniques helps children find what suits them best, enhancing their focus, resilience, and emotional control.


The Grounding Technique That Helps When I'm Anxious | YoungMinds

Feeling angry or over-whelmed? This guide explains why you may feel that way and how to cope with those emotions.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Family Newsletters