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Summer Term 2021


We have been busy this term planting and growing vegetables. We have seen the radishes grow as we watered them daily. We harvested them and then had the opportunity to taste them at our snack bar. The peas are still growing and we are looking after them very carefully. 


Charlie bear loves to challenge us. He challenged us to grow some cress with our families and send him some photos.


We have planted sunflower seeds and are looking forward to seeing how tall they grow.



Spring Term 2021



Wow! What a busy start to the term! We have been great friends and welcomed some new children into the nursery. We have enjoyed showing them all the exciting things that we can do.


We have loved being challenged whilst playing. We are learning lots of new skills that will help us in life. The grown ups are proud of how we are developing our resilience and creativity but we just think we are having fun!



We have also enjoyed making some cheese shapes and cheese on toast. We learnt about shapes, numbers, how to be safe in the kitchen as well as skills like grating, spreading, cutting. Many of us have enjoyed going home and sharing these new skills with our families.


We have also been fascinated by seeing caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies and watching some tadpoles develop.  

Autumn Term 2020


The staff are very proud of the how the children have embraced their new adventures in the nursery. They have enjoyed getting to know the children and seeing their confidence develop over the first half term. The children have enjoyed exploring the nursery and making new friends.


The children were talking about fireworks so we took a walk to the woods and collected sticks. The children learnt about fire safety and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. They were very sensible and loved the woods so the following week, the staff used the sticks that they collected to build a fire. The children remembered how to stay safe. The listened to the noises the fire made and used their noses to smell the fire. 


The children were superstars when the fire bell went off and they had to evacuate the nursery.


The children have also enjoyed taking part in fundraising for children in need by dressing up in spots, learning about Diwali and wearing odd socks for anti bullying week. 



Summer Term 2020


We have had great fun this term reconnecting with some of our friends. The children have adapted to the new bubble style nursery very well and the staff have been very proud to watch the children develop and form new friendships. The children have all been very proactive in knowing when they need to wash their hands and have been very thorough.

The nursery follows a child-led approach to teaching. Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and our staff members support them in this. We have created an enabling and stimulating environment to enable us to do this. We do not plan ahead, rather we remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and learn. We observe the children carefully and enhance their learning by teaching them in their chosen activity.



If you would like any further information about any of the activities we enjoy at nursery, please look at our planning board or ask a member of staff.