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Autumn Term 2021


The staff are very proud of the how the children have embraced their new adventures in the nursery. They have enjoyed getting to know the children and seeing their confidence develop over the first weeks of term. The children have enjoyed exploring the nursery and making new friends.


Charlie Bear has challenged us to share our favourite book with a member of our family and has enjoyed seeing the photos.


Charlie Bear has also challenged us to take a walk with our families and to see if we can find some natural resources which will be used in our imagination area.


We have been learning about how to keep our teeth healthy. Charlie Bear has encouraged us to show him pictures of how we clean our teeth and of our trips to the dentist.


We have all enjoyed learning some new songs and rhymes and sharing books with our friends.


We have enjoyed visits to the forest school area and learnt how to keep safe around fires. We have also practiced leaving the nursery quickly and quietly with our adults when the big fire bell rings.


For anti-bullying week we have been wearing odd socks to help us understand that it is good to be different. We have learnt that everyone is different and that we should be kind to everyone.


We have been learning from our friends about the celebrations that they have with their families e.g. Diwali, fireworks, birthdays


We have been developing our listening and concentration skills whilst taking part in some football sessions.










The nursery follows a child-led approach to teaching. Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and our staff members support them in this. We have created an enabling and stimulating environment to enable us to do this. We do not plan ahead, rather we remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and learn. We observe the children carefully and enhance their learning by teaching them in their chosen activity.



If you would like any further information about any of the activities we enjoy at nursery, please look at our planning board or ask a member of staff.