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Some Reminders from your child

Please make sure that I have had breakfast in the morning or lunch before the afternoon session as I may feel sad if I am hungry.


Are my clothes easy to manage?


Please remember to tell my key person all about any changes at home such as changes to who is living with me. It will help them understand me if I am upset at nursery.


Please don't mind if I get messy at nursery. I have been busy learning.


Please help me practice going to the toilet on my own and make sure that I am wearing clothes that I can manage to pull up and down independently.


If I am irritable and attention-seeking in my first few weeks at nursery, it may be because I am adjusting to my life and playing very hard during the day.


Please remember to tell me how good my paintings and drawings are when I bring them home. They may not look quite how you would think they should, but I have tried very, very, hard!


Please try and spend time with me each day doing a fun activity such as reading to me, counting or even just talking and listening.


If I am having lunch at nursery please help me to be independent when eating. 


Please try to pick me up on time as I will be excited to see you and may become anxious if all my friends have gone before me.