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Carer and child comments

July 2023 - Our children say:


"I love my teachers because they look after me."


"I love nursery, Love my friends and playing with them. I love all they toys and stuffs in the nursery. Animals are my most favourite."


"I like the songs and playing outside"


"The teachers are nice and friendly"


"I like the see saw"



Feedback from parents July 2023



The teachers have been absolutely amazing in nurturing children here. They are the best part of this nursery. They only have child’s best interest in mind.


I loved the sit down with X's teacher. She described his personality so perfectly and I really felt she knew him and what he struggles with so exactly.


Thank you for making x’s first experience within a school setting so fun!


Thank you for always being so warm and kind.


Thank you to all for taking care of x over the last year. He has become a confident little boy so thank you.


Everything has been really great, it’s been amazing to see x’s confidence shoot up throughout the year!


We love this nursery, lovely teachers.


I think she’s really grown in confidence and independence so thank you so much for everything you have done to help her!


I’m really pleased with how much x has learnt and developed since starting.


Huge thank you to all the Fantastic staff and making x’s Early Years memorable and amazing.


We love this nursery.


Thank you so much for being such a wonderful nursery.


Thank you so much for everything. I am very sad that my ‘nursery days’ are ending.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of her. A wonderful nursery!


I wish he stayed for longer. We blinked and his nursery life is done. felt it went too quick. Thank you for all the amazing staff and all your efforts and support. He loved nursery from day one. He made so many new friends, he was exposed to new things and experience.


X has loved her first year in nursery. Thank you for making the transition easy for a very anxious mum.


All staff are amazing. And coming from an anxious Mother, I honestly couldn't have felt X was in safer hands.


Feedback from parents October 2022


A big thank you for all your hard work with the children, you can really tell the difference between other nurseries and the general happiness and well-being of the children too.


Good communications sent to the parents by emails and the app and the frequency of them is good too.


Opportunity to speak to staff members is always there and quick response to emails too.


Staff are just amazing, the genuine care shown to the children is beautiful to see, and immensely reassuring. The fun and variety the children have is fabulous.


The teachers have been very helpful and supportive in making my son more independent. 


X has really enjoyed the forest school and going to learn about fire and having hot chocolate.


I can't think of anything that would make it better. X absolutely loves nursery and enjoys being with his new friends and all the nursery staff. His speech and social skills have improved so much and that's all because of how comfortable he feels in nursery.


I think the nursery and staff are amazing.


My child says "nursery is so much fun. I'm so excited to have lunch at nursery."


Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication for the children at nursery.


The teachers are amazing and very accommodating to my child's needs. Staff always respond to phone calls. There are lots of activities for the children. Garden is a fun place for kids to play in."



Feedback from parents 2021/2022


Best nursery I know. Amazing staff, happy children. It was such a good experience to see inside the nursery and see all the children happy and playing.


Although x has only been attending nursery for two weeks, it has been a very positive experience, with a well planned induction. The staff are AMAZING! This is with both x and this anxious mummy!


X loves nursery she says "it's so much fun."


X is very happy to come in each day. He's even asked to come in more often. He's clearly learning new things and enjoying it all!


You ladies are the best. x has been attending before a childminder place, another nursery, toddler group and your place is absolutely the nest for him. The care he receive, love and attention are out of this world. We are very happy. 


X looks forward to see his friends and teachers at the nursery and for me to see my child happy in the morning and looking forward to go to nursery is such a positive change and makes me extremely glad.


X enjoy going to nursery every time so it's a credit to all the teachers.


Lovely place with very nice people.


There is not a single day when x has said he doesn't want to go. He loves it here.


Love the bicycle parking, uniform, book bag, book reading which is good preparation for school.


The teachers are amazing and so friendly compared to his previous day care. Teachers are so loving and nurturing in this setting.


It is lovely to see multi-cultural festivals being celebrated.


X loves his 'yellow school' and feels like a big boy like his brother who also carries a book bag. He enjoys swapping reading books, forest school adventures, sandpit and playing with his friends and teachers.


I wish I had known about this nursery when (his brother) was 3 as he would have loved being here as much as X.  




Feedback from parents 2020/2021


Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to helping me grow and develop into the amazing little boy I have become. Thank you for making nursery so fun and making me enjoy coming in every day. I will miss you all.


Thank you for being so amazing and giving us the support you have to enable X to get the best from nursery and life.


I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness, care and patience you have all shown Eva during her time with you. Your fantastic provision has allowed her to grow, explore and flourish. She has grown up so much, she is confident and a happy little girl who is ready for school. She has had so many wonderful experiences at nursery from playing in the mud kitchen, running with bubbles on a windy day, playing in the snow, forest schools and many more ....Thank you X and I will treasure these memories forever.


Just to say thank you for all the love and support during this difficult time for looking after X.


A big thank you for giving our daughter one of the best years of her early years journey. As parents, we have enjoyed listening to all her little story everyday. You will stay in our hearts forever and we will keep cherishing these wonderful moments. 


Thank you all so much for looking after x and making nursery such a fun, enjoyable place for him to go. It has been great to see him run off into nursery at the start of the day and tell us of the fun he's had. We are grateful for all the support and care you have given x . The nursery is a wonderful setting and I couldn't recommend you more highly!


Thank you for everything you have done for me, you've truly given me the best start in life.


Thank you for all you have done for x, we have been so happy with him attending your nursery!


You have given the children so much normality through such a tough year. Thank you so much for everything. X has loved every second at nursery and will miss you all so much. Her confidence has grown massively and we are so grateful to you all. 


Thank you for being there for me, for guiding me and showing me the way. Thank you for having patience when it was hard knowing what to say. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me. 


Thank you all so much for your help, support and all the care and love you have given to x over the last 1.5 years. you are all amazing and x will miss you all. 


Thank you for all your patience!


Thank you so much for all you have done for x this last year. He has really loved coming to nursery every day and enjoys talking about what he has done with you. He has really grown this year and is now ready for 'big school'. Thank you!


I will miss you. My best bit was making a sunflower.


Thank you all for making the past year so lovely for not only X but for me too. It's been lovely to watch X build relationships with each of you and you have all taught her so much and I know she adores you all and will miss coming to nursery. 


Just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after x this last year. He has had so much fun with you all. 


Before x started nursery, we were really worried about how he would cope having never been left with anyone before. But from the very first day he has always been so happy and excited to attend. That's obviously a huge testament to the lovely and caring environment you have created for all of the children. We also wanted to give a special thank you to the SENCO for the amazing support and time you have put into helping x and getting the extra support that he will need in school. You really have gone above and beyond and we can't thank you enough.


Just to say a massive thank you for making x's time at nursery such a happy, fun and enjoyable time. She has absolutely loved being at nursery.


He always comes home tired which show he has had attention and has been kept active.


X loves the school so I think the induction was very good.


The staggered sessions were really useful. he got used to the environment gradually. He seems happy to attend and that's been the most important factor for us at this stage.


She is clearly confident and happy as her confidence in going in on her own has increased dramatically.


X is very happy at nursery and is confident in communicating with all the staff and asking for help when she needs it. She loves the outdoor area.


Considering the current restrictions the transition was perfect and easy for our child to settle very quickly.


My child is settled well at nursery. He is very happy going to nursery.


Friendly staff making X feel comfortable and welcome.


X loves coming to 'school'.


Friendly teachers. Good environment.


My child has been made so welcome and really enjoys his nursery time and learning the 'Tidy up Song'. He has started to make new friends his age and is learning more every day.


So great X settled well on his first day. He came out excited and smiling.


Parents comments about our adventures in the wild area, learning about fire safety and making a fire:


What a wonderful thing to do. X really enjoyed it.


X loves being outside. Thank you for doing this activity.


Really happy to see X talking about a fire.

Feedback from parents Summer 2020:


Hello folks,


Just a quick email to say thank you so much to all your staff and yourselves for the work and effort you have put in over the time xxxx has been with you.


xxxx and I together have a lot of experience of different nurseries over the years, but I don’t think I’ve seen a place so welcoming where the children are so happy, with so many things to do. It’s a credit to your set up and how the nursery is run - and of course the brilliance of the staff :)


xxxx has really enjoyed her time at your nursery and will look back on her time with you all, with great affection!!


The staff and key workers have been kind, patient, but have also taught her lots over the year.


The way the nursery has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis has been exemplary in the circumstances, showing great planning and thought.


Thank you again and I hope you all have a great Summer Holiday. Good luck with the new term in September, we’ll always wave if we see you, which I’m sure we will at Red School.


You lovely ladies have worked so hard this year in such odd times so thank you! 




You have all been so amazing with our xxxx. She loves coming to nursery and is always so keen to tell us all about her lovely teachers. We cannot thank you enough for these past months as it's been so challenging for everyone. We hope you all have a really good and amazing summer. We cannot wait for all the amazing adventures, next year will bring for our little girl.




Thank you so much for the last year. xxxx has absolutely loved coming and made great progress all ready for big school. We will both miss seeing you all and especially xxxx - she adores you all. We will be sad to say goodbye.




Thank you so much for looking after xxxx, because of you all she has really enjoyed her time at the nursery! And will miss you lots! You guys are amazing.



To all my wonderful nursery teachers x Thank you for looking after me in nursery and having lots of fun with me! I have loved every minute! I cannot wait to return in September. 




To my nursery teachers. Thank you for being my best teachers ever.




Thank you for looking after xxxx so wonderfully. She had so much fun and loved coming in each day.




Feedback from parents about their home visit in September 2019.

Parents found the following useful:


It was helpful to be able to talk to keyworker and ask questions.


The opportunity to discuss issues such as eating habits and development concerns. After this visit I felt totally at ease about leaving my daughter at the nursery without anyone she is familiar with and confident she would be in the care of experienced and skilled staff.


Info on what to bring e.g. fruit, water bottle, spare clothes and how to settle child into nursery and what happens if they're upset.


Just a really good and informative session without information overload.

X was ready to go to nursery and it helped a lot with the home visit as he was able to meet the staff.


The way you were, gave us confidence that our child will be well looked after.

I think meeting X's keyworker itself was good especially for X so that she had a familiar face at nursery, who was kind and friendly.


It was very helpful to meet 2 members of staff prior to my child starting nursery to provide him with a familiar face. We also received lots of info on the day to day running so we knew what to expect.

Meeting teacher was really important, because I've could asked all questions, like where I will buy uniform, what do we need for rainy days, explain how to pronounce sons name and as well mention that english is his second language.


Meeting Liz and Jacqui and learning about a typical day at nursery.

X got to know the teachers and made it easier to settle.

Child will see his/her teacher alone and this way they both (child and teacher) know about each other little bit.


Feedback from parents about their induction visit to nursery in September 2019.

Parents found the following useful:


I think it helped x to visit the nursery so he could see the environment and explore before being chucked in to deal with it.


He was happy to explore the new place while meanwhile not worrying for mummy to be around.


Meeting staff and experiencing how my child felt about the setting.


Allowed my child to explore the setting, play with new toys and meet some familiar faces.


My daughter visiting and being allowed free play to explore.


good familiarisation for x with us there. Made him more ready and comfortable for his first visit and being left without parents.


Seeing what the child will be playing with.


It was the first time that X would have been in unfamiliar surroundings (apart from years ago when she was a baby!) so it was nice that I could be there while she played freely without worrying about me leaving. Gave her a chance to adapt to the new place, new toys, new people.


It enabled me to show my child where he could find toys/play areas that would interest him.

Just to see where to go and what to do and see the facilities.


I've could show him around and he felt more confident after walking with me around, As well meet more staff which for us was very pleasant experience because I got familiar with who I leaving my son. 


Knowing the surroundings and what's there.


It was nice for the children to play together knowing their parents were nearby.

Saw the teachers, classroom, colleagues and the playground.


Parents see the environment and the activities which child could do at nursery and also we meet with other children and parents too.


Feedback from parents about how their children have settled into the nursery in September 2019.

X is always happy talking about his day at nursery and walks happily in every morning.


We just had one visit with him being upset.


X settled quickly and easily. She thoroughly enjoys her time each day and is eager to go to nursery every day. This was the only nursery that I visited where I felt confident the staff were skilled and experienced with children's development. I 100% feel I struck gold with this nursery. THANK YOU.


Settled in well. Home visit definitely helped as my daughter recognised the staff that came to visit when she went to nursery.


She seems to love it and really excited to return.


X really looks forward to going to nursery and even asked to stay for lunch and longer after just his first week.


X absolutely loves nursery.


I am very pleased at how well X has settled. No tears at all at drop off. In fact she gets excited about coming.




Comments from parents whose children attended the nursery in 2018/2019


"A massive thank you for being so wonderful! (Our child) has had the most amazing year with you all and we can't thank you enough for all you have done for him! We will miss you all!"


"A big thank you for everything you have done to help (our child)."


"Thank you so much for all your help over the last year! The whole process of getting the right support for (our child) has been made so much easier with your guidance and support, To have gone from what felt like nowhere to being in a position like we are now is amazing and thanks in part to yourself assisting us along the way! You have been an integral part of (our child's) journey and we will be forever grateful. Thank you so much."


"Thank you so much for all that you have done for (our children). The steps that you have put in place for them have made such a difference. You have offered us so much support, encouragement and valuable information. We are really grateful for all that you have done."


"Thank you for everything you and your team have done to make (our child's) time at nursery an exciting and enriching journey - he has enjoyed ever moment, has made great friends and memories."


"All 3 of our children were lucky enough to start their education with you and we are delighted they did."


"Just wanted to say a big thank you to all for making (our child) have a lovely time at nursery. He has had lots of fun and his confidence has come on so much."


"Thank you do much for all your hard work and for being such lovely, caring pre-school teachers to (our child) over the last year. (Our child) has grown so much confidence with all your help and I really appreciate this. We will both miss you all and hopefully will see you when (our youngest) starts pre-school. Thank you so much again for helping (our child) get ready for school and for promoting her independence."


"Thank you for everything over this last year at "yellow school" for (our child), He has loved being with you all and will miss coming to nursery. I asked (our child) what his favourite thing was about nursery and he said "playing with my teachers and lunchtime!". We feel very emotional thinking of no more yellow school but you all do such a fantastic job." 


"Your work at the nursery is outstanding and a very good example for most other nurseries. Thank you for giving (our child) to blossom in the amazing little girl she is now."


"To every single member of staff at Maidenbower Nursery. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!! I cant quite believe that (our child's) two years at nursery is coming to an end. It only seems like yesterday that she joined. It has been an amazing fun-packed two years. thank you for helping (our child) learn and grow and play. Without your help and nurturing, she would never have been ready for 'big school'." 




Comments from parents about their children's first visit to the nursery:


"He was very excited to be in the nursery. It was very hard to take him home."


"Nursery is very safe and ladies are friendly and helpful."


"Our child is happy and is going to the nursery with pleasure."


"We liked how clean and neat everything is and how everything is easily accessible for the children."


"It was lovely to meet everyone and see all the different things he is going to be able to do. I'm really looking forward to him starting."


"Really loved the visit."


"She was really excited at her first day. Maidenbower nursery is a warm and welcoming place for her to grow."


"She was very excited about her new nursery. She enjoyed the playground, sand and water boat. Happy to see her enjoying the new nursery."


"He seemed very confident and enjoyed his hour at the nursery."


"Happy he went off and played."


"She seemed to settle in well. I expect she will spend a lot of time outdoors!"


"He was super excited about our stay and play. There was so much for him to see and do he didn't know where to start!"


"Happy he went off and played."


"He loved playing with the dinosaurs and couldn't wait to go back and see them again."


"He had a lovely time, including playing with the water, bikes and looking at rabbit."


"He loved coming into the nursery. He enjoyed sandpit the most and arranging the animals into a zoo."


"He loves playing outside, playdough, singing and dancing , water play and puzzles."


"He really enjoyed himself at his first session. He was happy to meet Wiggles too."


"She loved all the different things to do especially the climbing frame, trains and playdough."


"Nursery looks great. Such a lovely place. Can't wait for him to start."


"He seemed really happy on his settling in session. When it was home time he wanted to stay."


"She was happy and I missed her."


"She really enjoyed exploring the nursery environment. She is looking forward to come again."


"We felt very welcome, comfortable and excited for him to start."


"He loved everything he saw but spent most of his time outdoors on the climbing equipment and in the sandpit."


"He really enjoyed his visit and can't wait to come again!"


"She is very happy to start but I'm not sure if she understands that we won't be there and that will be a long day for her. Hope she will be fine."


Comments from children about their first visit to the nursery:


" I want to go to nursery please."


"I like my nursery and I like garden at nursery."


"I loved playing on the big house on the inside."


"I like my teacher and school very much."


"Oh look mama. It's my nursery. Can you open the door please. Please, please can I ring the bell. I don't want to go home."


"It was really fun. I stroked wiggles and played in the kitchen."


"I loved playdough and the climbing frame both inside and out."


"I played with the sandpit, scooter, bike, climbing frame, drawing, cooking making cakes and I will see a rabbit next time. My favourite was drawing."


"I liked the trains the best and the scooter."


"I love the animals. I want to go to the yellow school."


"I like the kitchen. I like the water table."


"I liked playing in the yellow car."


"I liked playing with the cars and outside on the climbing frame."


"I liked playing in the blue car."


Comments from parents and carers of children who attended in July 2017:


Nursery has been an amazing nurturing fun environment. (He) has developed, matured and been so very happy here. It’s run so smoothly. The staff are professional, welcoming and so nurturing. We will miss all the staff and the environment so much. Wishing you all the best.


An amazing nursery, filled with caring and lovely staff. Couldn’t wish for a better start for (her). Thankyou.


I was nervous moving (him) from his previous setting to the school nursery as he finds change hard but moved him as I thought it would be better for him when moving onto school. He actually got on so much better at the school nursery and I’m really happy with my choice. All the nursery staff are lovely, he’s made some good friends to move up to school with and is very happy. Couldn’t ask for more.


All we as a family want to say is a huge thank you for all your support, love and encouragement, you are an incredible team and we are so lucky to have experienced Maidenbower Nursery. We just wish (she) could stay longer. Thanks again.


Thank you for making the boys experience a great one!


Comments from parents and carers of children who attended in July 2016:


"The staff are friendly and attuned to the children's needs."


"I cannot thank the nursery enough. Nothing is too much for them. My daughter settled amazingly and was allowed a fantastic transition period. All the staff are fantastic and approachable. They all know the children and their individual personalities so well. I honestly cannot fault the nursery and look forward to the next academic year."


"We love this nursery - thank you so much."


"The nursery is so lovely. My son really enjoys going and has progressed so much this year both socially and academically. It has been amazing to watch his confidence grow, all thanks to the nursery. The staff are fantastic, friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend this setting to anyone."


"We loved attending the nursery and will be sad to say goodbye - keep up all your hard work!"