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Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher:                                   Mrs Sarah Harper
Deputy Headteacher:                      Mrs Pennie Parry
School Business Manager:               Mrs Melloney Cripps
Welfare Assistant                  Mrs Sue Philpot
Administrator:                      Mrs Nikki Kershaw
Inclusion Manager:                           Mrs Rachel Tomlinson
Premises Manager:                         Mr Mark Clawson
School Counsellor:                   Mrs Audrey Lee
Clerk to Governors:                          Mrs Chris Wallis



Class Teachers
Mrs Sophie Beckham
Miss Kate Bussey (KB)
Miss Kat Collins (KC)
Ms Anne Crossland (ACR)

Mrs Ruby Fiest (RF)

Ms Ali Gale
Miss Claire Jones (CJ)
Mrs Beata Kemecsei (BK)
Mrs Tammy Kirkham (TK)
Mrs Tiffany Male
Mrs Rebekah Sibley
Mrs Kathy Southall (KS)
Mrs Madeleine Tomkins (MT)
Mrs Vicki Waters (VW)
Miss Coral Wheeler (CW)



Teaching Assistants
Ms Becky Eaton
Mrs Louise Flint
Miss Holly Harrison
Mrs Hannah Hartley
Mrs Kirsty Hills
Mrs Sarah Hinton
Miss Suzy Jardine
Mrs Kerry Lister
Mrs Michaela Ould

Mrs Emma Parsons

Mrs Marie Smith
Mrs Zita Smith-Halvorson
Mrs Laura Sylvester
Mrs Charlotte Theobald
Mrs Karen Wilson

Mrs Jiel Yorke



Special Needs Assistant

Mrs Anita Lacey



Midday Meal Assistants

Mrs Janice Bernard
Miss Faye Brown
Mrs Jacky Page
Mrs Karen Wilson